EDP - Equipment Damage Protection

EDP Damage protection covers the repair or replacement cost of any equipment on your order should it become inadvertently damaged while you have it from normal usage. The cost is 5% of your rental order value. Normal wear from usage will be covered (tear in canvas chair, tear in crib mattress, items returned dirty, light scratches, bent umbrella skeleton, etc.)

The EDP is not insurance. EDP is optional and must be purchased at time of rental; it is non-refundable.

Renter/Lessee is responsible for any damage to the equipment and for their return in the same condition in which they were received, except for ordinary usage wear and tear. If you accept the EDP, however, we agree to waive our right to recover from you the amount of damage to the equipment for minor damage.

EDP coverage does not include:

  • Impact or damage with cracking, breaking, or bending of plastic or metal parts. Basic scratching, excessive dirt, and usage wear is covered.
  • Items damaged if client neglects to keep protected from weather, ocean, or water damage.
  • Items lost or stolen, either by unexplained disappearance, willful neglect, abuse, vandalism or theft. Police reports are required by customer for stolen equipment.
  • Damage due to your neglect, misuse, or rough use.
  • Loss of accessory equipment, such as umbrella stake, crib mattress, bike lock, etc.

After purchase, Cardholder/Renter (name is embossed on credit card and listed as primary renter) is covered with EDP offering for the items on that specific order. Additional EDP for additional rental gear orders is required.

You must establish proof of damage by return of the damaged items (or pieces thereof) and such other evidence as we may reasonably require. Contact us at 850-467-1279 within 48 hours of lease end to report damage and avoid charges.